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Emerging IoT Technologies And Their Impact On Home Automation

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The advancements of the Internet and its related technologies are evolving daily. These technologies have made most of all day-to-day tasks simpler and easier. Most people tend to adapt to automation systems rather than working with manual systems. The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become one of the latest and emerging Internet technologies in the modern world. IoT technologies have played a major role in Home Automation Systems. In this article, we are discussing emerging IoT technologies and their impact on home automation.

1. IoT in Home Automation

Home Automation is about controlling the basic home functions and features using computers and mobile devices, and the Internet. These basic functions include energy management, lighting control, security systems, temperature control and alarm controls. With the use of IoT devices, these functions can be done and controlled remotely.

For example, light switches can be operated remotely using a smartphone or by voice command. Smart thermostat systems are another home automation system allowing homeowners to adjust indoor temperatures accordingly. Other than these systems, there can be smart air conditioning systems, smart irrigation systems starting at a specific time, and wastewater management systems. Also, Smart security systems have become essential to home automation systems. The things homeowners had to do manually before all these technologies were evolving have become much easier with IoT technologies. Now let’s take a look at these systems and their functionalities in detail.

2. Commonly Used IoT Devices In Home Automation

Following are some IoT devices that are commonly used in home automation.

2.1 Door Locks and Motion Sensors

The society we live in is becoming more and more competitive daily. Therefore, most people have given priority to their work. This can cause many security problems in their houses, as they do not have enough time to check whether their houses have the best security conditions. IoT gives the best solution for that. It makes smart door locks and motion sensors which can control and monitor the doors of your house, no matter how far you are from your house. These things can be done through a mobile app or voice assistants. These systems ensure the security of your house for sure.

IoT Devices

2.2 Smart Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

This automated system allows you to control the temperature inside your house and monitor energy consumption. It reduces unnecessary energy consumption in houses. You can control the heat and temperature remotely using your smart devices. It increases efficiency and saves energy without wasting it.

2.3 Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants are another popular use of IoT for home automation. The convenience of using these assistants has made this technology popular. These assistants help minimize the need for manual operations and streamline the management of other IoT devices.

Other than these most commonly used devices, many more IoT devices, such as smart gardening systems, environment condition trackers, and energy wastage controllers, are used in home automation.

3. Challenges And Considerations Of IoT In Home Automation

 Even though there are many benefits we can gain through home automation with emerging IoT technologies, there are some challenges too. Here are some of the things to consider;

Data Privacy and Security: Since these systems are implemented based on your sensitive data, it is important to ensure data security.

Fault tolerance: Home automation systems use sensors and other electronic chips. If any component of a system has a failure, the whole system may not work properly. It is hard to detect the exact fault if an error occurs. It is important to properly maintain these systems to overcome this challenge.

Cost of maintaining and implementing: maintaining and implementing the IoT-powered systems and devices used in home automation systems can be costly. It is important to protect the devices and systems from damage to avoid unwanted expenditures.


Emerging technologies and Internet advancements have brought significant development in the IoT for Home Automation. Automated homes powered by several IoT devices and systems have made the life of homeowners much easier and more efficient. With these technologies, people can manage the things in their houses even when on tight working schedules. Some challenges and things should be considered when implementing IoT technologies for home automation. Still, overall, we can state that emerging IoT technologies have a positive and efficient impact on Home Automation.